Step I. Installation

The first step is to install a theme OKIWI. To do this, we need to perform four actions. Well, let's start!

1. Download and install Wordpress

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OKIWI is a WordPress theme, so make sure that you have already installed the WordPress 4.3.0 or higher. If this is not done yet, go to WordPress download page and download WordPress archive.

Make sure your server or hosting is matching WordPress requirements.

Complete Guide "Installing WordPress" can be found here.

2. Download OKIWI theme package

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Download your OKIWI Theme from account on ThemeForest on the download page, and then save the file on your desktop. This is how the file will look like.

Download your OKIWI

3. Unzipping OKIWI theme package

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Use the zip program. Unzip the downloaded theme OKIWI on your computer and you will see a folder OKIWI_wp_theme. Pass on the folder OKIWI_wp_theme. There are such folders as "Documentation", "Licensing", "Import" and file "". This archive will be used to create OKIWI Wordpress Theme. For convenience, move the "" to your desktop.

4. Uploading OKIWI WordPress theme

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Now we will set the theme OKIWI on a content management system Wordpress. This can be done in two ways.

First, BACKUP YOUR FILES! This is always the safest thing to do.

  • Log into your Wordpress site. Enter to the administrative area. When you get to your dashboard, find on the left side the panel "Appearance", and point on it. You will see a drop-down list. It looks like this.


    Click on the "Themes" and you will see the next.


    You pass away to the zone template management. Click on "Add New", then "Upload Theme" and you will see the next:

    Add New

    Now you are ready to download the theme OKIWI on the platform of Wordpress. Click on "Browse" and find the file "" on your desktop. Choose this archive.


    Then click "Install Now" and wait for the installation message. * Note: The installation will probably take a few minutes, so please be patient. When the installation is finished, under the words "Theme installed successfully" you will see a number of functions. Click on "Activate" to activate your OKIWI Theme. You can return to the section "Appearance". Here, click on OKIWI Theme and go to the module topic. Then click on "Activate" and your WP theme OKIWI becomes active.

    Install Now

    Now we'll tell you how to make installation of OKIWI theme another way.

  • Remember! BACKUP YOUR FILES! This is always the safest thing to do.

    Next, download and install any FTP-Client. For example, FileZilla.

    After installing FileZilla, open it. You will see this window:

    Open Filezilla

    Enter your data in the fields "Host", "Username" and "Password". Then click on "Quickconnect" and Filezilla will connect to server directory.


    Now unzip on your desktop, select "Extract here". You need to transfer the folder "okiwi" on your web hosting directory public_html / wp-content / themes /. To do this find the desktop and the folder "okiwi" on the right side of Filezilla. And on the left side, select the directory public_html / wp-content / themes /. Now upload the folder "okiwi" from the right side to the left. Like this:


    So you load your theme OKIWI on web hosting. It remains to re-activate the theme via the Control Panel Appearance / Themes, as mentioned earlier.

    And now we move on to "Step II. Required plugins".
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