Step II. Required plugins

When OKIWI theme will be successfully activated, you need to install some plugins for correct functioning.

We strongly recommend you to do it!

1. Installing plugins

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After you complete Step 1, in WordPress dashboard you can see dialog box. This feature helps you to quickly and easily install the necessary plugins for the theme OKIWI. Click on "Begin installing plugins" (see image below) and you move to a page with a complete list of installed plugins.


Now select «All the plugins» (p.1 on image below). Select «Install» and click on the «Apply» (p.2 on image below) - now plugins will be automatically installed.


After installing plugins, they must be activated. To do this, go to the plugins tab control, select all plugins (p.1 on image below) and click on "Activate" and "Apply" (p.2 on image below).


The installation process is finished. It is possible that some plugins asking for update. It is highly recommended not to update these plugins, because newer version can be not compatible with this version and cause some issues.

Newer versions of plugins will be provided with theme updates.

Now we can come to the next step to configure - Step III. Demo Import.
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