Step VII. Galleries (Portfolio Setup)

In this section you can add, edit and delete items "Galleries".

If you add an item in this section, the item will be available for display on the home page via the module PORTFOLIO. Advertise here their products, services, promotions and announcements.

1. Adding a new element in the Gallery section.

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To create a new item, click on Add New and then fill in the following fields:

  • Enter Title here - the short name of your product or event.
  • Gallery Slider - add a few images of your product for presentation. Recommended size is 1920x1080. To do this, click on the Add Slide and then Add Image (point 4 and 5 in the picture above). To delete a slide, click on the "minus" icon (point 3 in the picture above).
  • If you want to change the image, hover on the image and you will see in the upper right corner the functions "Delete" and "Edit" (point 2.1 or 2.2 in the picture above). To change the image click on "Delete", and then "Add Image". With "Upload Files" or "Media Library" select a picture and click on "Select". So you apply a new picture.
  • Client - if it is possible point the customer who purchased the product. This field can be left blank.
  • Date - if it is possible, specify the release date of the product. This field can be left blank.
  • Link to the work project - if it is possible to specify a link to the product. This field can be left blank. Put a link to your current site. If you want to pereadrasatsiyu an external site, be sure to add the http:// prefix.
  • Date - basic field description. Here you can write more presentable and tell about the project. Filling in this field is a standard procedure for posts based on WordPress.
  • Gallery

    ATTENTION! After making changes click on the button "Update" in the upper right corner of the page (point 6 in the picture above).

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