Step IX. Update

In this section, we describe how to update the theme, if you received a notification about a new version.

If you receive a notice about the need to update the theme OKIWI, please download the latest version of the theme from your account at Envato.

1. Backup of the database and files

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IMPORTANT! Before attempting to upgrade your theme, be sure to back up the database and your theme files.

  • Go to phpMyAdmin database management
  • Go to "Export" database.
  • Select export method - "Quick" (display only the minimal options).
  • Select format - "SQL".
  • Then click - "Go".
  • Now you have a copy of the database and you can start updating the OKIWI theme.

    2. Update theme

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    To update theme you may check documentation "Step I. Installation > P.4 Uploading OKIWI WordPress theme > UPLOADING VIA WORDPRESS".

  • Deactivate the current version of the theme. Go to Appearence > Themes. On any theme ("Twenty Fifteen" for example), click on "Activate". So you deactivate the current theme "OKIWI".
  • Deactivate
  • Removing the current version of the theme. Now click on "OKIWI" (Details themes). Here, click on "Delete". So you delete all files of the current OKIWI theme.
  • Removing
  • Installing a new version of OKIWI theme. Now, in the same section "Appearence" click on "Add New", and then "Upload theme". Click on "Select a file" and find the file "" on your computer. Choose this archive. Then click "Install Now" and wait for the installation message. * Note: The installation will probably take a few minutes, so please be patient. When the installation is finished, under the words "Theme installed successfully" you will see a number of functions. Click on "Activate" to activate your new version of OKIWI Theme. Also, you can return to the section "Appearance" and click on "Activate" on OKIWI module and your new version of WP theme OKIWI becomes active.
  • Installing

    IMPORTANT! After updating the theme some style settings can be reset to the default level. To restore these settings, go to theme settings and simply click on "Save". Thus, all your settings made earlier are restored.


    3. Updating plug-ins

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    OKIWI WP theme uses several plugins. Most of them you can upgrade yourself. If in the "Plugins" you will see a notice to update the plugin, just do it.

    Premium plugin "Advanced Custom Fields PRO" can also be updated. To do this, go to "Plugins" section and click "Deactivate" this plugin.


    Now, you can delete the old version of the plugin - click on "Delete"


    Refresh the page and you will see a notification of the need to install the plugin Advanced Custom Fields Pro. Click on "Begin installing plugin".


    Next, select the plugin to be installed and click "Install".


    Now, return to the "Plugins" and activate the latest version of the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin.


    If you have any questions and you do not find the answers in the current documentation, please contact support at